Classic longbow

This design boasts a divided handle crafted from solid African Bubingaa richly-hued rosy hardwood that hails from Africa and infuses both beauty and durability to our recurve and longbow handles. Center striping is introduced to the handle, bringing a contrast of Curly Maple enshrined in black Micarta.

Limb caps can be designed to match the limbs or add complementing contrast in various veneers or black Micarta. Limb options include black glass or exotic veneers under clear glass with layered accents on the limp tips. Our exclusive double-bolt, double-pin takedown limb system ensures the most accurate alignment on the market. Available as a recurve or longbow; right-hand or left-hand.

classic longbow

Jesse Cabuyadao — October 17, The bow is beautifully made and shoots super smooth. No noise or any vibration noticed throughout the shot cycle. Besides the bow itself, customer service is outstanding. Bob Lee bows are awesome shooters and very well made, the staff made the entire process extremely pleasant. Super happy with the products and the services provided. Steven Livchits — October 16, The craftsmanship on my Elite Classic is outstanding. African Bubinga is a perfect match for the Zebrawood veneers I chose for the limb option.

The bow is very smooth and no stacking at all for my long draw length. Double limb bolt ensures perfect alignment. Very pleased! Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.

Reviews 2 2 reviews for Elite Classic. Select Right Hand Left Hand. Select 3 Under Split Finger. Select 26" 27" 28" 29" 30" 31". Select 56" 58" 60" 62" 64". Select 17". Select 19".Charcoal Actionwood is used for the riser section, as well as the Electric Zebra for the veneers, for an exotic look that is sought after in the custom world without the custom price tag attached. Macassar Ebony and Maple are used for the overlays to pull the different wood styles together.

The Grizzly Jim Signature Series Takedown incorporates an interchangeable limb system making it possible to change out different Striker limbs without the need for custom fitting. The grip has been extended in the shelf and palm section for added support. The sight window has also been extended for easier ability to see down range. This allows for longer working limbs to give the shooter a smooth draw, making it a quiet shooting, high performing bow.

Charcoal action wood is used for the riser section as well as the limb veneers for a sleek modern look. The Sport TDL incorporates an interchangeable limb system making it possible to change out different Striker limbs without the need for custom fitting. Bocote wood is used for the riser section, as well as the limb veneers, for an exotic look that is sought after in the custom world without the custom price tag attached.

The Classic TDL incorporates an interchangeable limb system making it possible to change out different Striker limbs without the need for custom fitting. The Classic TDR incorporates an interchangeable limb system making it possible to change out different Striker limbs without the need for custom fitting. The Fastback has become a favorite of many traditional archers from all around the world.

Not only a bow that is visually stunning, but one that performs on level of its own. You will not find a traditional bow that can match the comfort of a Fastback in your hand. Shooting this bow is a pleasure you must experience for yourself. The Fastback Custom Takedown continues on the small, sleek handle design Striker is known for but also gives the ability for bigger handle options for those who prefer it.

Extended laminations on the front and back sides of the riser help for even more customization in the handle fit. The Fastback takedown is universally interchangeable between recurve and longbow limbs. The takedown bow that started it all. The Stinger Takedown bow was the first forward handle design to be introduced as a takedown model in the Striker lineup.

This handle sports one of the slimmest in the industry. This pistol grip style, with the thumb rest, helps to put your hand in the same place every time for repeatability that is key in traditional archery.

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The Stinger takedown is universally interchangeable between recurve and longbow limbs. Skip to content.The Striker Cocobolo Classic Deluxe reflex-deflex longbow embodies everything expected out of a high end custom handcrafted bow without the lengthy waiting list and high price tag. Master bowyer, Rick Ellis, has offered top of the line hand-built custom bows for nearly 20 years.

Every bow form has been hand designed by Rick, and the craftsmanship shows in the Classic Deluxe. The Striker Classic Deluxe sports a smaller, forward pistol grip style handle that includes a thumb rest designed to consistently position your hand in the correct spot every time. The short 16" riser height allows for longer working limbs at a shorter overall bow length. These factors, along with the reflex-deflex limb design, results in a smooth drawing, quiet shooting, performance producing combination.

Based on the popular Striker Classic model, the Classic Deluxe showcases high-grade exotic wood additions for an exclusive look. Rich Cocobolo is used for the riser, along with Yew and black phenolic striping throughout. Figured Bocote is used for the limb veneers for a unique, one of a kind look.

An action bamboo core along with clear Gordon Glass, completes a custom-grade, high performing, handcrafted longbow. Riser: Radiused, cut-past center shelf. Rich Cocobolo with Yew and Black Phenolic striping. Felt side plate and arrow rest installed. Phenolic is added to the front and backs of the tips for added support. Grip: Medium Forward Handle with thumb rest.

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Replacement string length of 3" less than bow AMO length recommended. Wooly Whispers Bow String Silencers included but not installed. Choose from a left or right hand bow choose based on what hand you draw the bow string withand bow weight at a 28" draw length.

Remember that with a traditional bow, even though the exact weight is marked on the bow, the weight will change depending upon your specific draw length. Bow weight will change approximately 3 pounds for every inch from a bows rated draw 28"length. So a bow marked 45 28" bow is roughly a 42 27" or 48 29" based upon the draw. Bows are listed by the nearest 5 increment but are marked with the exact weight.

A bow stringer is recommended for stringing any recurve bow or longbow. Stringing a bow without a bow stringer, or stringing it backwards will void a bow's warranty. It is recommended to unstring your bow if you do not plan to be shooting more than week. Store your bow on its side, or hanging vertically from a peg.

Never rest the bow on the lower tip for extended periods of time. Never dry fire the bow shooting without an arrow. Shooting Gear.

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Gift Ideas. Trading Post. Pull Weight: Select 40 45 50 55 Length: Select 60" 62". In Stock. Sign up with your email to be notified when this product is back in stock!Recently became proud owner of this Katniss bow. It is a beauty to the eyes, hands and the shooting. The craftmanship is superb. Customer service was stellar. Personal and friendly. I recommend this bow and Crow's Head to anyone who appreciates high quality archery products and service.

Love the new bow and arrows, fine quality materials and craftsmanship hard to find nowadays thanks again. Glad you guys are keeping a needed tradition alive. As far as the bow: This thing is sick. I haven't been shooting in over ten years and wanted to go back to something more traditional.

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Good luck finding a bow of this quality with this draw weight anywhere else. I scoured the internet for longbows over 45 draw weights and they either didn't exist or you were going to have to put a mortgage on your house to get one custom built. Needless to say the day I got my bow I took it to the range and tested it on a scale. This thing will shoot over a 60 draw weight!

I am super pleased with the look and feel of the bow. The craftsman ship is impeccable. All the old timers one of which is a national champion shooter were extremely intrigued loved the way it looks and feels.

When I shoot this bow the power behind it is incredible. Accuracy is totally dependent on the shooter at this point.

I love my new bow. Thanks guys! Close search.

classic longbow

Just added to your cart. Continue shopping. Your source for Traditional Archery.Longbows are the icon of traditional bows. Longbows are considered easier to shoot as the longer length disperses the bow weight over a larger area making it draw smooth back to most draw lengths. Expect blazing speed, hard hitting performance, and accuracy from one of today's modern longbows.

If your focus is target shooting, then 45 or less is a good start. You need endurance for long periods of shooting, but enough cast ability to shoot an arrow to shoot distances.

For bowhunters, check your local game laws, but the minimum weight normally ranges from for deer sized game.

classic longbow

Go with a weight that you can comfortably manage, most popular is 50 or NEVER over-bow yourself. Straining too much to pull a bow back will decrease your accuracy and even strain a muscle. Tip for compound shooters: Try going down in bow weight from your compound when starting traditional archery. The two bows use different muscles to pull and no weight let-off, so do not match weight for weight. All bows on this page have bow weights measured at a 28" draw length. This is an industry standard.

Importance of Bow Length Shooting too short of a bow will shorten your distance to stack feel like hitting a wall when drawing past a certain lengthhave more finger pinch hurts your accuracy and fingersand feels as if you are drawing more bow weight as the weight is distributed over a shorter length. Having a longer bow will draw smoother, not stack, and normally have greater accuracy as you get a cleaner release due to lower string angle.

All adult bows are rated at 28", but not everyone draws to that point. Find your draw length by using a draw check arrow or watching our online video Determining Draw Length for help. If you shoot a compound bow, it may not be the same length on your traditional bow. Use our chart ONLY as a recommendation. Shooting Gear. Gift Ideas.The hole tournament is the third event of the season. The top 10 on final money list after the Symetra Tour Championship Oct.

All three rounds will begin at a. There will be a cut to the low 60 and ties following second round on Friday. The field is absolutely loaded as the entire top 10 on the current money list are scheduled to compete including No. The Chandler native was playing on a sponsors exemption. She is currently the No. Alena Sharp won in There are two players in the field from the state of Arizona and countless others that call the Grand Canyon State home in the offseason. The two sponsor exemptions this week are both Cactus Tour winners.

Warne won twice on the Cactus Tour in There is also on-site parking at the course. This is the first time the Tour has played three straight weeks on the west coast since Lindsey Weaver, who played college golf at Arizona and used to live in Scottsdale, has been one of the top rookies to start the season. She currently ranks sixth on the early season Volvik Race for the Card money list with two top 10 finishes.

Weaver started her college career at Notre Dame before transferring to Arizona and while she played for the Irish, they had a home tournament at Longbow Golf Club. There are three past Heather Farr winners in the field.

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Brooke Pancake Chattanooga, Tenn. Pancake has made 58 career starts on the LPGA since her rookie season in and has five top 30 finishes. Her best year on Tour was when she finished 88th on the official money list. Pancake garnered national headlines in when she signed an endorsement deal with the Waffle House. She has been under-par in each of her six rounds on the Symetra Tour to start the season. Tanguay was tied for the lead heading into the final round and posted a 2-under, She was proud of how she performed under pressure.

I handled the nerves well and the more experience I have in those situations the better. She has also started to keep a journal that details her life on the road. She told me to be my own teammate. Nobody can cheer you on like yourself. It all comes back to staying positive on the golf course.

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Lorie is very helpful and a great model. This is quite the accomplishment as the first major of the golf season is a limited field event. Chien ranks 41st on the LPGA money with two top 20 finishes. The highlight of her season was a T9 to start the season in the Bahamas. She has missed the cut in the last three events. She went into the weekend in a tie for fourth and was T9 after three rounds. She is a four-time winner on the Symetra Tour. Steen is a three-time Symetra Tour winner. In partnership with the First Tee of Phoenix, Symetra Tour professional will host the biggest junior clinic on Tour on Tuesday, March 28th from a.

The clinic will begin on the driving range at Longbow Golf Club. The kids will have a chance to learn different aspects of the game of golf while also getting to watch the professionals demonstrate different shots.I received my Toelke classic whip two days ago and have been putting arrows through it every day.

Mine is a 66" 55 28 pulling 30" so I estimate my holding weight maybe lbs. I have had a few different types of bows from a few different bowyers and this is the smoothest drawing bow I've shot period! I have been comparing it to my trusty Dwyer Dauntless since its arrival and this Toelke is quieter, smoother to draw and has no harshness after the string is released.

A stark difference where I thought none could exist. I have owned over 40 different bows from over 20 different "custom" bowyers.

Classic English Longbow

Here is what I have observed: 1. Very long lead times do not equal quality or high popularity. In fact it often means bow making is a hobby business as they have a full-time job preventing them from getting to their bow orders. No one I have dealt with will customize i. They have built bows for me that are effectively hybrids between the chinook and whip.

Try to get most custom bowyers to merge a recurve and longbow design and still retain the best aspects of both and you will understand what I mean. There is more to customization than wood selection and grip height. After the sale service is generally good with most bowyers since they all love their product; however, Dan and Jarred go above and beyond. Trust me when I say they have fixed more than one thing after I took delivery of a bow customization I insisted on I was warned ahead of time by Dan on two occasions that I might have issues and they were more than fair in their expectations on my pocketbook after the fact.

Dan and Jarrod are very professional people and stick to helping you select the best bow for you and don't bad mouth other bowyers when you ask about how they compare. Tolerance range is a good way to judge the bowyer's experience level.

Bottomline, my favorite bows are made by Montana Bows and I keep finding ways to justify buying another because besides the enjoyment I get out of the bow itself. I get equal enjoyment out of the creative design process I go through with Dan. He gets me. Just wanted to say "Thanks" to Dan and Jared and the work they do.

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