Yorkshire dog adoption

Please note that the first point of contact for lost and found dogs in this area is Scarborough Dog Warden who can be contacted through the main council switchboard If lost dogs are brought into WDR out of hours when the dog warden or Cliff Top Kennels are not available, we will care for the dog until we can transfer it to the warden at the earliest opportunity.

Arrangements for collecting the dog should be made with the warden. In the past we have willingly dealt with reuniting dogs directly but unfortunately we do not have the personnel or resources to do this and a couple of recent incidences have been unacceptable for our volunteers. Please see the attached note from the Councils website. Thank you for your understanding and please be assured that the dogs are our main concern.

Please rest assured all our dogs are fine. If there is a desperate emergency please call Bob and we will see what we can do. We do have supplies for the animals but if anyone has any dog food they do not need and are taking their exercise near the kennels, we would be extremely grateful if you could drop it off outside the gate.

Stay safe everyone and take care- Thanks.

yorkshire dog adoption

We are so glad the wonderful staffie has been voted this years favourite dog by the public finally getting the recognition they rightfully receive. The recent bad reputation is the fault of some handlers and breeders.

Adopt Yorkie Dogs in Arizona

Staffies are in general good natured loyal companions but caution should always be taken, as with any other dog, when introducing inexperienced people and children to them. All of the dogs at the rescue had extra treats and toys thanks to all our supporters donations.

We do not usually have cats and kittens at the rescue but we did make an exception for Cleo- a heavily pregnant very young malnourished cat who came into us in November. On 1st December Cleo has 3 kittens and we will be looking for homes for them from the end of January Cleo has settled in so well with Bob that she will be staying with Bobs own cats. If anyone is interested please call Bob on we would ask for a small donation. We have four gorgeous hound boys that desperately need new homes.

Bullet, Flint and the gorgeous Big Boy have all been with us for many months and now they have been joined by the the very dapper red Billy. We know big lurcher type boys are not everyones cup of tea and you really need to be familiar with lurcher behaviour and nature but they can be the most rewarding and loyal of dogs.

yorkshire dog adoption

Please let anyone you know who may be on the look out for a lurcher, that we have four stunning and friendly boys just buzzing for a new home- Thanks.

Please call Bob A big thank you to everyone who came along to our Scrufts dog show.Kaleb has spent nearly two years of his life in kennels. Kaleb is not without his problems and needs a experienced home used to dogs that prefer life on their terms. He has made excellent progress however still needs a very experienced human. A Yorkshire home is needed so we can offer hands on help locally if needed.

This is a recessive disorder that affects the central nervous system of the dog. The disease is more common is Staffords. Symptoms of the disease include some or all of the following, epileptic seizures, "wobbly" gait, tremors, muscle stiffness as a result of exercise or excitement. Axel has struggled since coming into our care in July with co-ordination of his legs after walking and excitement.

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There is no cure so we are now making plans to manage Axels condition in many ways. Axel is adorable. Good Life Dog Rescue is a small charity in Yorkshire. We are dedicated to helping stray and abandoned dogs. We work tirelessly with limited funds to help dogs in need at local stray kennels. We work closely with the stray kennels to help stray dogs that have served their seven days and take them into our care or transport to other reputable rescues willing to help them find a new home.

We are hands on and dedicated. We always have many dogs in our care waiting for a forever home. All our dogs receive veterinary care, are wormed, fully vaccinated, health checked and neutered. We ensure all our dogs receive all the essential care they need until they find new homes.

We ensure our dogs find the loving homes they deserve. Some are urgent cases from the stray kennels that have needed veterinary care. Through continuous advertising and special adopters we are able to help the dogs in need to go on and find a happy life. Good Life Dog Rescues aim is to help the ever increasing population of stray and abandoned dogs in Yorkshire.

Many are in kennels through no fault of their own. Finding these dogs a new start and a loving home is essential with some needing urgent help. Our kennelling and veterinary bills are huge. We exist on volunteers and no staff. As a small rescue support is vitally important to us. With limited help we rely on donations and fundraising events. Any help is appreciated by donators.

yorkshire dog adoption

Please contact us for more details about the work we do and how you can help us. We are always grateful for support however small, which will enable us to help more stray dogs in need. The last couple of months have been very difficult for our charity.Yorkie Haven Rescue.

You know how you have those annoying siblings, parents, and friends that talk too much or too loud and you wish they would just hush? But I can look at you adoringly and watch you speak to me and wag my tail. Now, I can see, love, eat, play and everything else a normal dog can do. One thing I am great at right now is humping my bed.

The vet said that I can be neutered and get my dental as soon as I put a little more weight on. I sleep good and eat my food like a champ hard food mixed with a little water.

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Is that crazy? A man of my age wearing a diaper!! Oh well, who am I to fuss about it. Boy, getting neutered around here at this rescue seems to be a huge thing. They are smart people, so it must be the thing to do.

Are you in the market for an older reindeer that does take naps, but still has energy, and is a sweetheart? Well, stop right here, because Blitzen can be that man. A rescue friend contacted Yorkie Haven to see if we could help this poor baby.

Blitzen, as he is now called, was definitely in bad shape when we picked him up on Friday. We went straight to the vet just to address the obvious issues, skin, ears, eyes, nail clip.

Sweet Blitzen received some ear medication and medicated shampoo. As soon as he got home, they wild hair was cut off and he received his first soothing, medicated shampoo and massage. He enjoyed it and the dirt that came off of him was ridiculous.

He felt better after getting out of the tub. He ate supper like a champ. You would too if you hip and back bones and ribs were poking out. He had a very long, exhausting day and slept like a log. Despite it all, Blitzen is a very resilient, happy boy. Soon he will be neutered, get a much needed dental, receive his shots and get a microchip. It's all uphill from here Blitzen Don't look back and try to forget your past because the best is yet to come.

He is a sweetie, but doesn't always have to be underfoot or right by you like most yorkies. Don't get us wrong, he does love sleeping in bed with his humans, but will sometimes sleep at the foot of the bed and sometimes sleep by you.

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He is pretty good to do his own thing. He has a security teddy bear that he adores. It is quite ragged now, but Braxton thinks it is made of gold and walks around the house carrying it as if it is his security blanket. He has an awesome underbite that gives him so much character.Yorkie and Small Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer c 3 Non Profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of abused, abandoned, or otherwise homeless dogs.

Yorkshire Terriers are our main rescues. All dogs are spayed or neutered and are up to date on all shots before they can be placed in a new home. We require an application and a home visit plus an adoption fee. Adoption fees vary with each dog. If you see a rescued dog that you would like to adopt, please fill out the application under forms. We must have a completed application before the next step in the adoption process can be done.

Welcome to YSDR Yorkie and Small Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer c 3 Non Profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of abused, abandoned, or otherwise homeless dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier Rescue Yorkshire Terriers are our main rescues. Adopting a Rescued Yorkie or Small Dog If you see a rescued dog that you would like to adopt, please fill out the application under forms. See us on petfinder.Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue Inc. We have been rescuing and re-homing Yorkshire Terriers since Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue remains active and in support of Yorkies in need, and those who need to surrender, would like to foster, or want to adopt during COVID We continue to rely on the support of our volunteers and donors, but during this pandemic we want to ensure that our mission supports the safety and health of our community at large.

In support of physical distancing, we are adjusting our intake and placement process, as not to potentially expose you, our volunteers, or community. We ask that you work with us in remaining safe, while also providing a safety net for animals in need. These are unprecedented times. Please take care of yourself, reach out for support when you need it, contact YTNR to assist in problem-solving regarding a potential rescue or adoption, and remain hopeful and positive.

Come check them out! This is a great way to support our Rescue Dogs! Potential adopter applications are carefully screened. Pre-adoptive interviews as well as in-home checks, personal and veterinary reference checks are conducted to ensure a loving and responsible forever home placement.

Our contact info on our web page is the only contact info for our rescue.

Rescue Dogs in South Yorkshire

Please use only this site for our rescue dogs and contact. Please don't copy or remove anything from these pages. Web design by Laura's Webdesign. Last Line of Defense.Baileys Story I'm the good looking brindle guy in the photo.

I am really scared - of everything.

Potty Training Your Dog 101 - Indoor Potty Training - Part Two

Mostly strangers and certainly men. Anyone with a brush or a shovel terrifies me but I'm learning to t.

Jynx is a joy to have, she is a young girl with still so much to learn. She enjoys her walks exploring new things and smells. He loves spending most of his time running around our paddock and meeting new doggy friends alon. Charlie is such a lovable boy, who has so much love to give. He loves to play with staff in our compound with squeaky toys and tuggies. Charlie would benefit from an adult only home where he could con. Bruno is a shy little guy who is looking for some TLC after an uneasy past.

He loves human company and is always looking for someone to fuss and cuddle him. Bruno would like an owner who has plenty of. Rosie is a mature girl with bundles of energy.

She loves to chase a tennis ball around our paddock. She is looking for an adult only home with her human home most of the time. Due to her bouncy nature.

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Falkor - Giant crossbreed - 6 years - MaleFalkor is our gentle giant, who hasn't had the best start in life. After some TLC he is now looking for his forever home. He is a fussy boy who once he gets t. She is such a sweet girl who loves wandering around the paddock and making new friends, but is happiest when she is off lead playin. Bella- Crossbreed- 8 years old- FemaleBella is a lovely and sweet natured girl who loves fuss and attention. She will do anything for a treat-which will make the training she needs much easier.

She pi. He will happily spend lots of time having cuddles, bum scratches and playing with his favourite soft toys. Rabi has some basi. Tia is an adorable girl who has been with us for over 7 months now and we need your help to find her the home we know she deserves. She is an active dog but also very friendly and loyal. Tia loves to. It is said that one dog year is the equivalent to around four or five human ones, their lives flare brighter but pass quicker. Hi Guys! I'm Ozzy.

I arrived at the centre after my owner was no longer able to care for me.

yorkshire dog adoption

I am an 8 year old staffy cross.We opened in and the centre was rebuilt in The centre has facilities for 25 dogs and 40 cats, with additional puppy and kitten facilities. Our Rehoming Team is dedicated to finding the right pet for you. So we can understand the type of pet you are looking for please do call us first if you would like to arrange a visit. You can see pets available at all our locations or narrow your search more locally. Our pages are updated regularly so please keep visiting them.

Buy our pets a treat or purchase something to help our centre be the best it can be. Join the Yorkshire: Thirsk rehoming centre online community and become part of our ever-growing network of pet owners and Blue Cross supporters. We find homes for unwanted cats, dogs, small pets and horses across the UK. Find out more about our rehoming process and why you should adopt a pet from Blue Cross. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser to get the best experience.

We see beyond the Pain, Suffering and Defeat

Yorkshire: Thirsk rehoming centre. Location Details We opened in and the centre was rebuilt in Amazon Wish List Buy our pets a treat or purchase something to help our centre be the best it can be. Telephone answering hours Sunday: Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Our online community Join the Yorkshire: Thirsk rehoming centre online community and become part of our ever-growing network of pet owners and Blue Cross supporters.

Facebook Facebook feed. Rehome a pet We find homes for unwanted cats, dogs, small pets and horses across the UK. Find out more. Social links Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube. Show your suppawt We can't load the tweets right now.

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